Obeisance to “Guru”

Obeisance to “Guru”

Obeisance to “Guru” 444 239 Ajapa

Guru is the one who is always with me, by my side, Guru is not a term to be described but a phenomenon which happens and bliss which is experienced. Guru is not someone sitting miles away in a mountain, but is the consciousness which is always present, like oxygen is present in the air. You don’t need to travel down to a particular place or perform rituals to find guru or attract his grace, he is always present. The only thing required is your Urge to find him.

Whenever I feel low , troubled , insecure or down with anxiety I seek for Guru. The magical part is, I don’t need a place or perform any rituals for it, but by mere utterance of his name , grace descends upon me. It all felt mystical in the beginning but now it feels simply wondrous. Guru is the one to whom I can express everything (though there is no need, he is all knowing , ever present ). Guru takes care of all my needs but not of fascinated desires, this should be clearly understood before asking for his grace.

After a period of time Gurudev in his physical form bestowed upon me the gift of AJAPA. The great Science not only fulfills material needs but also feeds the cravings of soul for knowing one’s ‘True Self’. By its practice mind becomes creative , balanced and focused. Whenever I feel anger or any negative emotion in me, I start practicing Guru Guru and I become free of those emotions.

The most interesting part is I don’t need to visit a temple or follow on any strict dogmas, I myself become the temple, my breath becomes the instrument to worship and Guru sound becomes the mantra. No extra baggage, nothing more needed, only a self charging process. Once I charge up my self fully I’m ready to face any challenge life throws at me, nothing bothers me, everything is taken care of, by the grace of Guru. This becomes my personal support system.
The practice of kriya (meditation) and the Guru mantra are two parallel wheels on which my life runs smoothly.

Guru in my life works as a miracle at every step and my life is touched by his grace. Guru may mean many things to many people, but to me it is something, which I can’t imagine a day without.

I tried to write some of my experiences in respect of Guru but failed to find proper words .I realized no words could define or express the greatness of Guru. Guru is self illumined. In almost every scripture Guru has been portrayed differently by mystics and poets as it is the personification of one’s own energy and vibrational state.