Guru Tattva – The Subtle And Physical Form Of Guru

Guru Tattva – The Subtle And Physical Form Of Guru

Guru Tattva – The Subtle And Physical Form Of Guru 444 239 Ajapa

|| Om shri Guruve namah ||

Commonly Guru word is mostly associated with a person who is a spiritual or worldly teacher, however even though the word is relevant for these definitions, it will be unwise to lessen its meaning and association to just that.

There is a lot of importance given to sounds and words in our daily life. Words and sounds are powerful in creating emotions of love, anger, joy, excitement, and sadness in us eg. How a good music moves us, or an argument makes us angry. In ancient times our Rishi’s understood the power of sound and discovered the science behind these sounds.

The origin of various Mantras was a result of this study of the science of sound (dhwani) and its impact on us. It is hence important that we discuss the subtle form of Guru and the importance of GURU sound in a meditator’s journey.

Guru dhwani is one of the most powerful sound that takes us towards a state of attraction and is helpful in bringing our focus to our Dwidal (center of eyebrows in between the eyes). In the sound of “GU-RU” Gu, represents the darkness and Ru, represents light. Gu is maya and Ru is the destruction of maya. Guru is the state, that takes us beyond the three Gunas, to a formless state of self-realization.

By focusing and meditating on the sound of “GURU “, one swiftly embarks on the path of self-awakening or the journey of knowing our true Swaroop (knowing your true self).

मन्त्रराजमिदं देवि गुरुरित्यक्षर द्वयम् । स्मृतिवेदार्थवाक्येन गुरुः साक्षात्परं पदम् II

Devi ,the supreme Mantra is indeed the word of GURU , the essence of the Smritis and the Vedas say that Guru is the personification of the highest reality.

The word GURU is not an imaginary word, unlike other words in our vocabulary like house, mango or a car. The word GURU by virtue of its very sound works as a tool for liberation of the meditator. By meditating on the sound of G_U-R_U one is raised a little higher to the state of attraction. In this sound of Guru, the name and the one named are identical. Hence by meditating on this sound one can attain the state of Guru.

Guru alone is a person of Ukar Ghat (a state of absolute attraction). He alone stands between knowledge of Brahm on one side and knowledge of the world on the other. Guru alone knows that Brahm is true, and world is false. Hence if we continuously think and reflect upon Guru, our awareness will be raised, will give rise to the knowledge of the formless state. By thinking of the form of Guru, the sound Guru occurs in us. This sound alone has the power to take us to the Guru Ghat (state of Guru). It is important for us to not consider Guru only in the body form, but also dwell deep in the benefits of focusing on the sound of guru.

Guru’s form guides us and reminds us to focus on our journey and desire for swaroopgyan (knowledge of true self ) but it is the sound of Guru that takes us to the state of attraction, where guru resides.

One will find it exceedingly difficult to embark on the journey from Akar ghat (where knowledge of world shines) and Ego sense prevails, to its final objective of having swaroopgyan. It is impossible to surpass all the obstructions like ego and anger that exist between Akar ghat and move upwards towards Ukar ghat without the help of a Self-realized Guru. Residing in the Ukar ghat, Guru witnesses and is aware of the different stages one experiences on their journey of Swaroopgyan (knowing your true self ) and he alone can guide us on the right path , as no action of ego can help us to reach there . Without the help of Guru, one will be completely lost. Guru in both subtle and physical form is an absolute necessity to progress in meditation.

It is impossible for us to even understand the vastness and omnipresence of Guru in our current state, and even if one does not wish to achieve Swaroop Gyan, focusing on the word and sound of Guru is beneficial enough in helping us change our current state.

In essence guru tattva has been stated as being a state of total bliss and a state of absolute attraction. By being in the company of Guru and focusing on Guru sound a disciple can experience this sweet bliss.

Guru is eternal. He was present before the beginning of this creation and will be there after its end. He is without question the supreme of all deities Nothing exists which is greater than Guru.I bow to such Guru.

A self-realized Guru does not have any materialistic expectations from his disciples. The truest form of dedication towards such Guru is by completely surrendering to the Guru and having no doubts about Guru. By this action of total surrender to Guru, one becomes in sync with Guru.

— Jai Guru —