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International Yoga Day


“Know the source of Life with Ajapa or Dhwani Yog”

Is it possible today, to live a stress free Life ?
To remain always in the present, ever Joyful?
Is there a simple way to achieve it ?

Anxious and restless mind is the root cause of problems and disturbance in Life
A stable and relaxed mind is the key to success and Joy in Life .

Why do we always search, for eternal bliss outside ?
When the mystery of creation lies hidden within…..

Is it difficult to attain Self Realisation ?
Or is it simpler than the simple…..
Ajapa Yog gives you the method to reach your vibrationless state of true Self,
by meditating upon a Sound.

The time to wake up is NOW
Message by the great Rishis of India reveals the way to a successful life in present times.

Why Don’t we recognise, our true potential and the vast source of energy hidden within us.
Is it really possible to experience our Formless True Self within this Physical Form ?

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